About Us

Our guiding principles

Things we live by—how we live as we do the mission

  • Christ is the foundation of all we are and do.
  • Character, truth and faithfulness must be our primary inner structure. Character is more important than talents and ability—i.e. we must first be concerned with truth, faithfulness, humility, love, mercy, compassion, and honesty; more than to be concerned with strategy, objectives or numbers in ministry.
  • Hearing and obeying the voice of God– this must be our source of strategy and way of life.
  • We must live in the Word and let the Word live in us; we must be doers of the Word.
  • We must live close to Christ and practice His Presence.
  • We must maintain a Spirit filled and led life.

Our mission

Teach and Demonstrate and Mobilize

  • How to hear God’s voice
  • Preach and demonstrate salvation, healing and deliverance
  • Understand the principles that make His Word work
  • Preach and demonstrate salvation, healing and deliverance
  • Experience the power of his miracles
  • Equip the church to evangelize and disciple the lost
  • Train leadership, Plant churches

Our goals

  • Finish developing and polishing a practical School of Evangelism—with resources.
  • Extend our ministry into other countries.
  • Identify and communicate with the ministries we are to network with.  Strengthen the relationship with them, and outline co-operative strategies we are to do with them.
  • Develop better two-way communication system with our partner base and strengthen intercessory base.